Expert Talk on “Opportunities for Mechanical Engineers in the Current Scenario " -2K18

          An expert talk on “Opportunities for Mechanical Engineers in the current scenario " was conducted on  09th October -2017 as a part of the programme conducted by Mechanical Engineering Association for the academic year 2017- 2018. The details of the programme is listed below:

 Venue                             :   College seminar hall

Resource person              :  Dr. K. Ajith Kumar ,M.Tech, PhD, Scientist, Government of India, Ministry

                                                 of Defence, DRDO, Kochi.

        The talk mainly focused on the current opportunities for the Engineering graduates particularly in Mechanical Engineering. He also pointed out the opportunities in the energy sector. He also gave an excellent speech on how to prepare curriculum vitae and what all extra value added courses a graduate should know in order to adapt to the industrial environment. He insisted the students to explore the curriculum vitae for meeting the requirement of the industrial sector.

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