Anti - Ragging Cell


The Institution had constituted the Anti –ragging committee in compliance with the UGC regulations on the menace of ragging in higher educational institutions. This committee is to prevent and prohibit the menace of ragging of any type.

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Anti-Ragging committee is to ensure compliance with the provisions of the regulations as well as the provisions of any law for the time being in force concerning ragging.
  • To monitor and oversee the performance of the Ant-ragging Squad in prevention of ragging in the institution.

Functions of Anti- Ragging Committee and Anti -Ragging squad:

  • The committee will educate the students at large by adopting various means about the menace of ragging and related Punishments there to.
  • Disseminate information on Anti ragging rules & regulations.
  • An Anti- Ragging Squad is formed and will be working under the monitoring of Anti-Ragging committee.
  • The functions of Anti Ragging squad is to keep a vigil and stop the incidences of ragging, if any, happening/reported in the places of student aggregation including classrooms, Canteen, Buses, Grounds, Hostels, etc.
  • They shall work in consonance and guidance of Anti- Ragging committee. If anyone suspects or come to know about, or becomes a victim of ragging inside or outside the campus can contact any of the anti ragging committee members.
  • The Anti-Ragging Committee of the institution shall take an appropriate decision upon the violation of rules.
  • The frequency of meeting will be once in a semester. In addition meeting of all members of cell can be convened, if required.

Anti-Ragging Committee Members:

Sl.No. Name Designation Position
1. Dr.Abdul Gafur M.l. Principal Chairman
2. Dr.Arun E. HOD/CSE Member
3. Dr.Benny Paul HOD/ME Member
4. Dr.Abdulla P.K. HOD/CE Member
5. Dr.Abhiraj T.K HOD/EEE Member
6. Mr.Vipin Thomas HOD/ECE Chief Co-ordinator
7. Mr.Ansal Muhammed AP/ME Member
8. Mr.Subin Suresh AP/ECE Member
9. Mr.Arunkumar M. AP/CSE Member
10. Mr.Ansar Jamal AP/EEE Member
11. Ms.Ramcymol K.A. AP/Maths Member
12. Ms.Shamseena T.S. AP/S&H Member
13. Ms.Femina Sidhique AP/MBA Member
14. Mr. Anoop R AP/MCA Member
15. Mr.Ranjan Abraham AP/CE Member
16. Dr.Jainamma K.A. Chief Librarian Member


Members Of Anti Ragging Squad

Sl.No Name Of Faculty Designation Position
1. Mr. Ranjan Abraham AP/CE Squad
2. Ms. Biby Aleyas Squad
3. Ms. Sonu Saju Squad
4. Ms.Babitha Peter Squad
5. Mr. Akhil S. Prasad AP/ME Squad
6. Mr. Bobin Jacob Squad
7. Mr. Shafeer P.K. Squad
8. Ms. Dhanya B. Nair AP/EEE Squad
9. Mr. Harikumar R. Squad
10. Ms. Manju Rani  Mathew AP/ECE Squad
11. Ms. Hafsath C.A. AP/CSE Squad
12. Ms. Noorjahan  V. A. Squad
13. Mr. Arun Kumar M. Squad
14. Ms.Femina Sidhiq AP/MBA Squad
15. Ms. Deepa Jacob AP/Maths Squad
16. Mr. K. M.Basheer Lab /Library Squad
17. Mr. Dileep M.B. Squad
18. Mr. Aneesh M. Paul Squad
19. Mr. Abdul Azeez Squad
20. Ms. Sijini T. H. Squad
21. Ms. Shermin Rasheed Squad
22. Mr. Benny C. P. Squad
23. Mr. Bebson Baby Squad




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