Computer Science and Engineering




Sanctioned Intake

B. Tech.

Computer Science and Engineering

4 Years


M. Tech.

Computer Science and Engineering

2 Years



      Annual sanctioned intake of students for B.Tech. (CSE) course is 120. Annual sanctioned intake of students for M.Tech. programme is 18.  The Faculty members are aiding the learners to become good technocrats with great personality. Technological advancements being a constant change in today's competitive world, computer science and engineering department is equipped with the right environment to promote the students to pick up the nuance of technology and make giant strides in their career.

    Backbone of Computer Science and Engineering department comprises a crew of qualified, experienced faculty members who are dedicated to the institution and are willing to contribute their knowledge and skills for the bright future of our leaners. The method of curriculum transaction is in accordance with advanced teaching strategies. Here faculty members are generally accepted as social engineers who plays the role of friend, guide,  and a facilitator .

     As a part of the value based curriculum, with the aim of cultivating moral values and ethics in students we have launched a venture named 'HONESTY SHOP'. It serves as study material shop which is directly accessed by the leaners in the absence of a shopkeeper or a seller. Learners are instructed to deposit the amount of purchased material in a box placed there. It moulds them to be honest. All classrooms are fully furnished and Wi-Fi connectivity is available. There is an active and vibrant association ‘CODEC’ for Computer Science and Engineering department. We are proud to be a part of Computer Society of India ICET Student chapter which leads us to organize many innovative seminars and workshops in our organization.

         To mould learners as excellent technocrats in the field of Computer Science and Engineering through quality education, lifelong learning, research and development with human values.

  1. To impart quality education through theory and practical sessions, value added courses and timely update of knowledge.
  2. Focus on innovation in research with recent trends by inculcating industry institute Interaction.
  3. Promote learners in Innovation and Entrepreneurship activities, placement and higher studies.
  4. To thrive socially committed professionals with human values and ethics.

Message from HOD



             Dr. Lino Abraham Varghese  Ph.D.

   Head of Department

  Department of Computer Science & Engineering


The Department of Computer Science and Engineering welcomes you to be a part of the thriving computer science community and become visionaries and drivers of change in the future.We do really set a benchmark for quality education against which other educational institutions are judged, thereupon, avail quality education of global standards as well as an exposure to exciting academic environment including practical aspects of the course. In terms of academic standards, quality of teaching, focus on research and industry-oriented syllabus, this department is unparalleled. This, resultantly, serves as a stepping stone to enhance the potential of problem solving and development of innovative skills in this ever-changing and competitive working environment. As such, cooperation with well-established industries, research labs and other professional societies make efforts to impart skill development among our students, which means that personality development, character development, leadership role and skills required for entrepreneurship is also inculcated. However, the alumni is  also encouraged to communicate with present students for advanced technology transfer and global exposure in their field of interest. Moreover, faculty members with good team building skills ensure healthy inter student and teacher -student relationship. Last but not least, nevertheless, our department is recognised by the National Board of Accreditation(NBA), which provides our students one step ahead in acquisition of job opportunities  in  our country and overseas.


Overall Results

  • B.Tech. S1 (2019-20) - 36.53%
  • B.Tech. S4 (2021-22) - 60%
  • B.Tech. S6 (2021-22) - 67.39%
  • B.Tech. S3 (2019-20) - 10.66%
  • B.Tech. S5 (2019-20) - 64.66%
  • B.Tech. S7 (2019-20) - 65%
  • B.Tech. S2 (2019-20) - 36.53%
  • B.Tech. S4 (2019-20) - 80%
  • B.Tech. S6 (2019-20) - 86.93%
  • B.Tech. S8 (2019-20) - 96.49%
  • B.Tech. S5 (2020-21) - 42.66%
  • B.Tech. S7 (2020-21) - 51.72%
  • B.Tech. S2 (2020-21) - 33.33%
  • B.Tech. S4 (2020-21) - 35.71%
  • B.Tech. S6 (2020-21) - 28%
  • B.Tech. S8 (2020-21) - 93.96%


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