B.Tech Induction Programme

Induction Programme 2020-21 

Ilahia College of Engineering and Technology has inaugurated the induction programme for 1st year 2020-24 B-tech degree students on 15th October 2020. The inauguration was hosted through Microsoft Teams Online Platform in the presence of College Authorities , faculty memebers, parents and students.With this online meet we got a great start for the one month induction programme.As the part of induction programme we are giving varoius sessions related to academics for the students.In addition to this we offers many relevant sessions for them like technical talks,National Service Sessions,Presentation on highlights of the college,talk on human values,Alumni interaction Session etc. 

Inauguration  Programme 2020-21

Induction Programme 2019-20 

    Ilahia College of Engineering and Technology has conducted one week induction programme for 1st year B-tech degree students from 23th July 2019 to 30th July 2019.

        Motivation Classes, Antidrug Awareness, Stress Management, Campus Visit, Seminar on Goal setting and Human values and Industrial visit are the main programmes in the course.


Inaugural Ceremony of Induction Programme







Seminar on Motivational class

Resource person: Dr. John Jose, Asst. Professor IIT Guwahati.

    Dr. John Jose inspired the students by his motivational speech. He advised to students to evolve as an overrated human beings by this 4 year and grab an opportunity to be a fruitful employee and asked them to be self centered rather than dependant on teachers by pointing to the example that learn fishing and not to have fish offered by others.


Stress Management

Dr. Ashita S. conducted Stress Management in each class for the first year students.