Coordinator: Dr.Anoopa Jose Chittilappilly, ASP/EEE

Co-coordinator: Ms.Nisha Shamsudin, AP/MCA




IQAC Department Coordinators

Civil Engineering

Ms.Remya Raju, AP/CE

Mechanical Engineering

Mr. Jeevan Ealias, ASP/ME

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Dr.Anoopa Jose Chittilappilly, ASP/EEE

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Ms.Angel P. Mathew, AP/ECE

Computer Science & Engineering

Dr.Anita Brigit Mathew, ASP/CSE

Department of MCA

Ms.Nisha Shamsudin, AP/MCA

Department of MBA

Mr. Ramesh Krishnan, AP/MBA

Department of Science & Humanities

Ms.Nini Mol, AP/S&H


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