Aptitude Software (Praktiz)

PraKtiz Practice to Succeed

          PraKtiz is a computer based aptitude test practice system that will introduce, encourage and then challenge students to perform well in aptitude tests. A PraKtiz module comprises of twenty-five well designed tests that would provide adequate and relevant practice to any fresher preparing for campus recruitment.

          There are 3 modules of PraKtiz – PraKtiz 1, PraKtiz 2 and PraKtiz 3 – one for each pass out batch of a college starting from the second year. The difficulty level of the tests increases from PraKtiz 1 to PraKtiz 3. The number of tests in each PraKtiz module is limited to 25 to enable maximum use of the product. Taken at a frequency of 1 test a week, it would be sufficient for a year-long practice

          Most of the PraKtiz tests are of 40 minutes duration, ideal for any test to be administered within one period in a working day. PraKtiz 3 has a few full length tests in the pattern followed by prominent recruiters and those tests are longer than 40 minutes. (60 to 90 minutes). Since majority of campus recruitment tests are now computer based, familiarity with that mode is important. PraKtiz addresses this requirement for relevant and regular aptitude test practice that could be administered within the time constraints of an academic framework.

The PraKtiz software is to be installed in a server in the college LAN and hence giving the Placement officer or the faculty in charge complete control over the software.

The placement officer or the faculty concerned can enable tests and has control over the features offered by this software. The system generates the test reports for analysis. The data on how each student performed can be downloaded and filed for academic purpose. This data can also be analyzed so as to categorize students with regards to their performance in different sections thus making PraKtiz an efficient tool for analysis, planning remedial training and even for screening students to be sent for pooled placement drives.


Benefits of PraKtiz Implementation

  • Continuous Practice and Systematic Aptitude Preparation.
  • Completely controlled implementation for better usage.
  • Access to original test questions developed by Konfidence Education.
  • Tests which are close match to actual corporate recruitment tests.
  • Helpful for Placement tests, Higher Study Admission tests, Bank tests, PSC tests etc.
  • Effective usage of the Placement Training Hour.
  • Increase in TPO - Student interaction.
  • Formation of Placement Preparation Culture
  • Highly cost effective

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