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Structural Engineering

Mr.Ranjan Abraham


Engineering Mechanics

Mechanics of Solids

Structural Analysis – 1

Structural Analysis – 2

Design of Concrete Structures -

Design of Steel Structures

Advanced Structural Design( Elective)

Bridge Engineering( Elective)

Advanced Mechanics of Solids( Honours)

Structural Dynamics(Honours)

Finite Element Method(Honours)



Transportation Engineering

Shifana U N

Transportation Engineering

Transportation Systems Management

Pavement Construction And Management

Highway Materials and Design

Traffic Engineering and Management( Elective)

Airport, seaport  and Harbour Engineering




Geotechnical Engineering

Mr.Sadi  Azeez


Engineering Geology

Geotechnical Engineering –I

Geotechnical Engineering – II

Geotechnical Investigation(Elective)

Ground Improvement Techniques (Elective)

Applied Earth Systems ( Elective)

Soil Structure Interaction(  Elective)

Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering ( Minor)



Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering

Babitha Peter


Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics

Hydrology & Water Resources Engineering

Design Of Hydraulic Structures

Applied Hydrology( Elective)

Irrigation & Drainage Engineering( Elective)



Construction Engineering & Management

Adila Abdhullakunju


Basic Civil Engineering

Design & Engineering

Construction Technology and management

Advanced Concrete Technology( Elective)

Construction Planning and Management ( Elective)

Natural Disaster and mitigation

Quantity Surveying and Valuation

Construction Methods & Equipment ( Elective)

Disaster Management ( Elective)

Urban Planning & Architecture ( Elective)

Repair and Rehabilitation of building

Modern Construction Materials( Honours))


Environmental Engineering

Sonu Saju


Sustainable Engineering

Environmental Engineering -1

Climate Change & Sustainability( Elective)

Environmental Health And Safety( Elective)

Environmental Impact Assessment( Elective)

Advanced Environmental Engineering( Elective)

Air Quality and Management




Biby Aleyas


Surveying & Geomatics

Informatics For Infrastructure Management( Minor)



Computer Programming

Remya Raju

Programming in C



Professional & Human Values

Kiran Jacob


Life skills

Professional Ethics

Constitution of India

Industrial Economics & Foreign Trade

Industrial Safety Engineering

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