Welfare Cell


The Student Welfare Committee has been formed to act as a link between the management and students. It works for the overall welfare of the students that contribute to the academic success and their personal development.


  • Supervises and protects students’ welfare activities.
  • To create a positive academic environment to the students and help them to    advance in their academic as well as personal abilities with minimal hindrance.
  • To review the conditions that affects the well-being of the students.

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the general and specific well-being of students .
  • Addressing and effectively solving various student related matters.
  • Organize activities and facilitate students’ interests.
  • Conduct meetings to discuss about students’ welfare.

Functions of students and staff welfare committee

  • Developing a good student-teacher bonding.
  • Addressing the issues of students regarding academics /general and resolve it by addressing it to the other committees depending on the nature of issues.
  • Organize co-curricular activities for personality development and also manage the needs for extracurricular activities.
  • Frequency of meeting is twice in a semester. In addition, meeting of all the members of the cell shall be convened, if required.

Committee Members:


Sl.No. Name Designation Position
1. Dr. Jahubar Ali A. HOD S&H, Dean (Student Affairs) Convenor
2. Prof. Abdul Shukkoor O.M. AP/ME Member
3. Prof. Babitha Peter AP/CE Member
4. Prof. Dhivya Haridas AP/EEE Member
5. Prof. Aziya Shirin V. S. AP/CSE Member
6. Prof. Sumayya P. I. AP/AI & CC Member
7. Prof. Chaithanya G.Nair AP/ECE Member
8. Prof. Chippy Ann Jacob AP/MBA Member
9. Prof. Sukrath Lal P. S. AP/MCA Member

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