IT Cell

      IT Cell provides advice and expertise on IT strategy, infrastructure, design, building, and maintenance within the organization. It implements the governance for the use of networks and computer systems of the college and it assists the operational units by providing them the functionality they need. The cell creates and maintain policies that defines appropriate IT regulations. They manage ERP software with proper technical support. They are constantly monitoring hardware and network issues. The cell facilitates all infrastructure and supporting technical aid for the conduct of workshops for students and faculty on the latest technologies. The Systems administrator is responsible for managing the computer systems as a whole - authorizing access and connectivity and monitoring security. They will take care  the overall network infrastructure, troubleshooting, and maintenance. Generally speaking they are the one who carry out installation of new software, hardware and network devices. They finish many more duties behind the scene and are truly much more essential for the institutional growth.

IT Cell Members


 System Administrator
Mr. Dileep M.B.    
Computer Technician
 Mr.Sreekanth S.




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