Student Council

Responsibilities and functions

  • The admission procedure and other academic and administrative functioning of the college strictly follows the rules and regulations set up by the government and university.
  • Students being active stakeholders in the realm of higher education are given active representation and roles in the everyday activities of the college.
  • A statutory representative body of students is constituted every year through election/nomination system on the basis of competency merit and attendance.
  • This committee plan, co-ordinate and regulate various curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities of the college.
  • General programs meant for the whole community of the college are organized together by the faculty coordinators and the elected student representatives of the college.
  • The college has taken effective steps by electing representatives not only to academic and other co-curricular bodies but also to various administrative bodies and committees.

  • Ussually student council committee will held meeting based on the activities being conducted on the campus.

Student council Committee Members


Name Designation Position
1 Mr. Shiju Shaikh Manakkulam AP/CSE Coordinator
2 Mr. Rasim Navas AP/CE Member
3 Mr. Bobin Jacob AP/ME Member
4 Mr. Ansar Jamal AP/EEE Member
5 Ms. Shafna Muhammed AP/ECE Member
6 Mr. Mohammed Sidheeque AP/CSE Member
7 Ms. Neha Beegum AP/AD & CC Member
8 Ms. Sheena K. M. AP/MCA Member
9 Ms. Hasnath Hameed AP/MBA Member


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