Examination Monitoring Cell

   Room number MB 110 of Main Block is assigned for Examination Cell, which shall oversee the entire process of the conduct of the Examination. The Control Room shall be under the charge of the Principal. Only persons who have been duly authorized by the Cell shall be allowed to enter the examination monitoring room. It consists of 4 computers with internet connection, 3 printers and Photostat machine and CC TVs dedicated to examination work. Mobile phones and other electronic gadgets are not permitted inside the Examination Monitoring Room. The Principal, the Observer and the Chief Supdt. are permitted to use mobile phones inside the Examination Monitoring Room.




Roles and Responsibilities

  • Assessment of Question Paper Format and collection of question paper from all the departments
  • Documenting invigilators list, hall plan, exam schedule and timetable
  • Verification of Invigilator Availability in the Examination Hall
  • Collecting Absenteeism Report and record action taken
  • Distribution of answer sheet to the concerned faculty.
  • Allocation of exam squad duties for HODs
  • Monitoring Retest as per schedule and Timings.
  • Submission of report to the IQAC in the prescribed format.

Internal Examination Committee Members

Sl.No. Name Designation Position
1. Mr.Joyal Ulahannan AP/CSE Exam Cell Coordinator
2. Ms.Adila Abdulla Kunju AP/CE Member
3. Ms.Sreeja S. AP/CE Member
4. Mr.Kiran Vijayan AP/ME Member
5. Mr.Mathews Johns AP/ME Member
6. Mr.Ansar Jamal AP/EEE Member
7. Ms.Chaithanya G.Nair AP/ECE Member
8. Ms.Anju Markose AP/CSE Member
9. Ms.Surumi Muhammed AP/ENG Member


KTU- External Examination Committee Members.





Dr. Abdul Gafur M.


Chief Superintendent

Dr. Faisal M.H.

Vice Principal

Additional Chief Superintendent

Mr. Joyal Ulahannan


Exam Cell Coordinator

Mr. Rasim Navas M S



Ms. Adila Abdulla Kunju



Ms. Nisha Shamsudin


7. Mr.Shebin Sharief AP/MBA Member

Mr. Anish K.R.

Lab Instructor/ CSE


Ms. Shermin Rasheed

Lab Instructor/CE


Roles and Responsibilities

  • Assessment of question paper format and printing of question papers from KTU site
  • Oversee and monitor the conduct of examination
  • Monitor the duties of observers and examiners Conduct enquiry/review on malpractice cases
  • Documenting invigilators list, hall plan, exam schedule and timetable
  • Verification of student’s barcodes
  • Verification of invigilator availability in the examination hall
  • Distribution of answer books to the concerned invigilators
  • Collecting absenteeism report after exams and submitting to university
  • Allocation of special exam squad duties
  • Packing of exam answer books and handing over to postal department


The Committee members shall appoint invigilators, according to the following norms.

  • As far as possible, a teacher handling a course shall not be appointed for invigilation in a room, on a particular day, where the examination of that course is being held.
  • The invigilator shall be the teaching faculty of College.
  • The student to invigilator ratio shall not exceed 30:1.

Announcements to be made by the invigilator to the students.

  • Check the answer book and ensure that it contains all pages in good condition.
  • No additional sheets or books will be supplied.
  • Make sure that mobiles and any other non-permissible materials are not possessed.

Duties of Invigilators

  • Report to the Examination monitoring Room 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the Examination
  • Collect the packet containing question papers, attendance sheet& blank answer booklets pertaining to the room allotted to him/her and rough sheets from the faculty in charge of examinations.
  • Reach the examination room 15 minutes before the scheduled start of examination.
  • Verify the identity of the student by checking the College Identity Card and the hall ticket.
  • Distribute answer booklets 10 minutes before the scheduled start of the examination.
  • Open the packet containing question papers 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start of examination and distribute to the students.
  • Get the signature of the student on the attendance sheet.
  • Hand over attendance sheets and unused answer booklets to the control room through the authorised official of the college after 30 minutes from the start of examination.
  • Collect all answer booklets course-wise.
  • Hand over the answer booklets to the Chief Supdt./Faculty in charge of Examinations.

Answer Booklets

The details of answer booklets received should be entered in the Stock Register maintained for the purpose. Entries in this Register should be current. The Stock Register should be made available to the Inspection Team/Observer of the University for Scrutiny.

Seating Arrangement

For each examination, the seating arrangement of students in the examination halls is to be displayed at the entrance of hall 20 minutes before the commencement of examination. The seating arrangement for each day of examination shall be different. The display notice indicating hall allotment for each session shall be displayed 30 minutes before the commencement of examination at prominent places.

Printing and Packing of Question Papers

The FN session of examination starts at 9:30 am and afternoon examination starts at 1:30 pm (On Fridays the AN session starts at 2:00 pm)

The mode of question paper printing is online.

The question papers have to be downloaded and printed in the control room. A password will be provided to the Principal for downloading the question papers. Nobody else other than the Principal/Chief Supdt., the Observer and officials authorised by the Principal shall involve in printing and packing of question papers.

Discipline in the Examination Hall

Students are forbidden to ask questions of any kind during the examination. Invigilators are instructed to refuse to answer any inquiries what so ever, relating the question papers whether in explanation of the meaning or in correction of typographical errors. Students are not allowed to write anything except the register numbers and names on the question papers supplied to them. Students should not indulge in any malpractices in the University examination. If any student is found to be indulged in any type of malpractice appropriate action shall be taken by the Principal immediately.

Leaving the Examination Hall

At the end of the exam, the candidates have to return the answer books to the invigilator, without fail.



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