Physical Education

   Physical education, Sports and Fitness is an integral part of ICET total educational program. ICET has been maintaining a high standard in almost all games during sports and athletic meets among engineering colleges in Kerala. We always have strived hard to excel in the fields of sports and games as in academics. ICET holds a very proud tradition of encouraging athletes and sports persons in different fields. The sports and games department of ICET is giving systematic training and coaching for players in various games throughout the year. The college has ample facilities for major games, indoor activities etc. It also has a very well furnished health club with excellent facilities for developing a fine and athletic body; it is opened to the college students throughout the year. 

     Sports at the ICET are played with much fervour and passion. All games are supervised by professional faculties. Team spirit and the desire to give the best possible performance are our watchwords. Within a short span of time ICET has seen tremendous improvement in the technique, fitness level as well as performance of our students in the sports arena. Our students regularly  participate in tournaments. The college also provides sports facilities for the students. These facilities include grounds to play Tennis, Foot Ball, Cricket, and Tug of War. The campus also offers an Indoor Stadium with state-of-the-art facility and which has indoor courts for Basket Ball, Volleyball court and Badminton.

     Department Activities includes the Sports Quota Admission through selection trials and Interview with certificate verification


   ICET Presents inter Departmental Games and Athletics SPARTEK 2020 on 30th and 31st of January. To view the Schedule of Events Click Here.

Outdoor Sports Facilities

Basket Ball Court
Foot Ball Court


Indoor Facilities      

Chess and Carom
Fitness Centre
Badminton Courts


Sl No.


Team Members










  1. Jerin Jacob  (S7 CSE)
  2. Ashal Muhammed  (S7 ME)
  3. Ashik P. A. (S7 ME)
  4. Badisha N. U .(S5 CE)
  5. Anandakrishnan A S. (S5 EEE) 
  6. Benson Benny (S7 EEE)














1.Shahul Basheer   - S5 ME

2.Ajmal VS        - S5 ME

3.Muhammed Ashir - S7 CSE

4.Muhammed K      - S7 CE

5.mohammed Shafi  - S3 CE

6.Nadeem Nizar        - S5 CE

7.Ansal KK                  - MBA

8.Althaf muhammed  M  - S3 ME

9.Jishnu Prakash            - S1 EEE

10.Jaseel                 - S1ME

11.Bhagyananth VS  - S1ME

12.Abdjl Raseed KC   - S5 ME














1.Muhammed K   - S7 CE

2.Mohammed Altaf - S7 CE

3.Bhagyanath VS     - S1 ME

4.Joyal K Joseph    - S7 CE

5.Mohammed Sadil EK   - S5 ME

6.Muhamed Ashik    - S5 CE

7.Arjun Rajeev      -S7 CE

8.Akhil Thomas  -  S7 CSE

9.Ashwin Kishor  - S3 ME

10.Abin C Biju   -  S3 CSE

11.Vishnu K Vidhyadharan - S7 CE

12.Aadilsha Jabbar  - S5 ME









.Sreejith PS      - MBA

2.Muhammed Mukthar KS   - S1 CE

3.Joyal K Joseph  - S8 CE

4.Georgekutty D     - S6 ECE





















1.Ameerkhan KM - S5 ME

2.Ajmal PA  - S7 IT

3.Ashik Naseer - S7 CE

4.Althaf PN -  S3 EEE

5.Vishnukumar MC - S5 CE

6.Sajid Moosa - S5 ME

7.Badhusha Salim  - S7 ME

8.Shabins Basheer  - S5 CE

9.Nihas Nazar  -  S5 CE

10.Basil Biju  -  S3 CSE

11Akhilsha Kareem -S5 CE

12.Jasim P Kunnel - S1 EEE

13.Sreeyesh Balakrishnan - S7 ME

14.Ashkar TA  - S7 CE

15.Ansal KK - MBA

16.Jense jose  - S7 IT

17.Mohammed Altaf A - S7 CE

18.Alfas PS  - S5 ME

19.Mithulaj Ali   - S3ME

















1.Mohamed Shibil          -  S7 ME

2.Sreejith PS                   - MBA

3.Gowtham Krishnan     - S7 ME

4.Ajay Krishnan               - S1 EEE

5.Shahul Basheer            - S5 ME

6.Muhammed Ashique   - S5 EEE

7.Vishnu K Vidyadharan - S7 CE

8.Athul K                           - S7 ME

9.Sajidh KS                       - S3 CE

10.Ajin TV                         - S5 EEE

11.Abdul Dildhar              - S5 ME

12.Muhammed Althaf Jabbar  - S7ME

13.George Varghese        - S3 CE

14.Akhin Sanny                 - S5 CE

15.Eldhose Siby                - S1 CSE

16.Ijas Mohammed          -S1 CE













Basket Ball

.1.Ameerkhan KM   -S5 ME

2.Ameen Basheer  -S5 CSE

3.Muhammed Ali Akbar - S7 CE

4.Rishil Muhammed  S7 CE 

5.Joyel K Joseph  - S7 CE

6.Abraham Thomas - S7 ME

7.Ajan thomas   - S5 ME

8.Ejas Muhammed - S5 ME

9.Faiz Hussian  - S5 CE

10.Muhammed Ali VN  - S5 CE

11.Ashiq Muhammed  - S5 ME

12. Ameen P Ebrahim   - ME

   All-round (physical, mental and social) development of pupils by the means of physical activities for the improvement of total personality to its fullness and perfection in body, mind and spirit.

  • Exhibit good sportsmanship on and off the playing field
  • Make awareness about the importance of health and provide opportunities to maintain functional fitness as it relates to everyday living
  • Understand there is a direct correlation between physical fitness and academic achievement, improved behaviour and overall better health
  • Understand principles of health promotion and the prevention and treatment of illness and injury
  • Improve overall performance by developing skills in various sports and games and reach higher levels in that field


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