Department Facilities

Material Testing Laboratory

   Materials Testing Laboratory includes covers a range of highly precise and reliable techniques that determine and measure the characteristics of metals materials, Mechanical properties, elemental composition, corrosion resistance and the effects of heat treatments.    

  The laboratory is equipped with sophisticated equipments like Universal testing Machine, Hardness testing machine, Impact testing machine, torsion testing machine etc. The purpose of this laboratory experiments is to understand various aspects of mechanics of materials through laboratory analysis. This laboratory involves many experiments which will help to learn and understand the properties of material as well as the responses under various loads.

The Lab Eqipped With:-

  • Spring testing machine
  • Impact testing machine
  •  Torsion testing machine
  •  universal testing machine
  • Rockwell hardness testing machine
  • Brinell hardness testing machine
  • Metallurgical microscope
  • Vickers hardness testing machine


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