Master of Business Administration


Program Specialization Duration Sanctioned Intake
MBA Business Administration 4 semester 60


            The Master of Business Administration programme at Ilahia School of Management Studies is designed to provide the knowledge, attitude and skills that are essential to become an effective leader in multitude of organizational settings. We emphasis on the holistic development of the students and the course work is designed to inculcate a positive and ethical outlook to the students. We also have regular interaction sessions with leaders and practicing managers from leading business enterprises, workshops and seminars with participation of visiting faculties. Ilahia School of Management Studies have a dedicated academic council which is passionate about creating future leaders for business and society. We have adopted a pedagogy that focuses on learn-share-practice principle. We provide them an environment that enables the young mind with strong foundation in content and the right kind of competencies.


To become a management programme of global repute by nurturing sprit of academic excellence through business oriented and socially responsible professionals.

  • To offer management programme of Industrial and social relevance through value based education.
  • To provide business specfic knowledge through industry scenario case study with learner- centric pedagogies.
  • To pursue industry specific consultancy projects and collaborative research.
  • To enhance managerial and soft skills that augument the overall leadership development and placement opportunities.


Overall Results

  • MBA 2ND TRIMESTER 2019-2020 :- 91%
  • MBA (2020-22) won the result of 78% in S1 MBA Exam
  • MBA Even Sem 2015 - 74%
  • MBA Odd Sem 2016 - 86%
  • MBA Even Sem 2016 - 87.5%
  • MBA Trim 4&1,2017 - 83%
  • MBA Trim 5&2,2017 - 70.5%
  • MBA Odd Sem 2015 - 31.3%
  • MBA Trim 6&3,2018 - 97.5%


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