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Electronics and Communication Engineering

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Robotics and Automation

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   The Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering is a structured department offering B.Tech (Electronics and Communication Engineering- ECE) established in the year 2002. This department is cantered on the principle of excellence which encompasses every detail in the department premises including the laboratories.

   The department has highly qualified, experienced and dedicated teaching and non-teaching staff to help the students develop into dynamic and leading engineers in Electronics and Communication Engineering. The department has a modern, forward-looking research agenda that is both scientifically ambitious and industrially relevant and well aligned with the general research strategy of the University.

   Apart from the curricular studies, the department regularly conducts special lectures delivered by experts from industry and prestigious institutes, industrial visits/training at nearby industries, in-plant training to students and faculty, workshops/seminars on recent trends in Electronics, Communication Engineering and related field.

To nurture the talents of electronics and communication engineers, making them highly competent for growth of the society.

  • To deliver excellence in teaching - learning process.
  • Promote safe, orderly, caring and supportive environment to learners.
  • Development of skilled engineers to perform innovative Research for betterment of the society.
  • To encourage industry - institute interaction, career advancement, innovation and entrepreneurship development.


Overall Results

  • B. Tech Even Sem 2023 - S2-63.61%
  • B. Tech Even Sem 2023 - S4-38.5%
  • B. Tech Even Sem 2023 - S6- 43.6%
  • B. Tech Even Sem 2023 - S8-68.42%
  • B. Tech Odd Sem 2024 - S7-68.75%
  • B. Tech Odd Sem 2024 - S5- 46.2%


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