Department Facilities

Manufacturing Technology Laboratory 1

  This laboratory is aimed at providing an introduction to the Know how of common processes used in industries for manufacturing parts by removal of material in a controlled manner. Auxiliary methods for machining to desired accuracy and quality will also be covered. The emphasis throughout the laboratory course will be on understanding the basic features of the processes rather than details of constructions of machine, or common practices in manufacturing or acquiring skill in the operation of machines. Evidently, acquaintance with the machine is desirable and the laboratory sessions will provide adequate opportunity for this.

       Laboratory Exercise and equipments are:-

  •  Centre lathe – 19
  • Horizontal milling machine -3
  • Sensitive drilling machine – 1
  • Bench grinder – 1
  • Power hack saw – 1
  • Shaper – 10
  • Slotter – 10
  • Surface grinder

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