Counselling Centre

          College students are the cream of young adult population. Many times it is observed that they are under tremendous pressure that stems from various aspects like expectations about excelling academically, adjusting with the change in environment, family pressure, family problems, striking a balance between academics, extra-curricular activities, relationship issues, conflict in the values of the society at large and sometimes, psychological dysfunctioning. After having recognized the need of the time for providing support and guidance to these students, ICET introduced the counselling centre.

          The range of problems addressed include academic (exam stress, nervousness, lack of interest, perceived stress, year-down and backlogs, study habits, time management, and sometimes depressive symptoms), adjustment issues (lack of confidence, perceived insults, clashes with people, and inability to adjust with change in environment especially for First Year students), relationships (family, clashes with family members, pressure about achievements & responsibilities, trouble with friends and intimate relationships or tumultuous personal relationships) and personal issues (depressive thoughts and ideas, negative or ambiguous self-image, inferiority complex, unhealthy habits (smoking, drinking, drugs, etc.), fear, and sometimes psychological issues like suicidal ideation, obsessive and/or compulsive tendencies, depression, anxiety, etc.).

          All these issues have been and are being dealt with professional psychological counselling wherein the students’ record is maintained and a follow up is done. The number of session varies as per requirement. If need, family members can be called for and also, group counselling takes place as per requirement.




Ms. Amey M. Aliyar



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