Gents Hostel

        ICET has well furnished  residence halls for  students. We focus on student’s interpersonal skill development and provide them nurturing home away from home. Their stay provides them with a real life experience and enables them to learn to be independent. Here they learn the values of mutual respect and care. The college has comprehensive hostel facilities for the students. Two blocks is provided for boys to accommodate around 400 students.

       The hostel is annexed with a kitchen, to provide food at protected and hygienic environment along with dining hall, which can accommodate around 260 students at a time. Healthy and nutritive food is served. Residence hall has its own distinctive features and amenities, but all offer common recreation and study lounges, kitchens, and laundry facilities. Students living in the residence halls are supported by live-in residential living staff that organize regular events, activities, and study sessions. A team of head cooks and assistants work in the cooking section with a supporting team of housekeeping section who maintain the standards to create a healthy and hygienic environment.

Gents Hostel - Seniors First Year Gents Hostel 




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