Tech Fest, Arts Fest and Cultural Events

      ICET strongly feels that leisure, recreation, extra-curricular activities are essential things for students to achieve the peak of their performance. Students of ICET are, therefore, offered the opportunities to express skills, talents and creativity in different fields. The pleasures derived out of these activities rejuvenate their energy to overcome the gruelling academic pursuit. Every student in ICET is a good social being that flourishes and cherishes any field they touch. This is possible by the platforms that are provided by the College to showcase the in-born talents in arts of each student. The Arts Club takes initiative in the smooth conduct of every fest in the campus. College Arts Fest is conducted in our campus. Every arts fest brings out newer and fresher talents so that all the faculty and students get the total sweetness of its enjoyment.

      Onam, Eid and Christmas celebrations are those which every ICET engineering graduate will cherish in their life for every time the celebrations will be more and more cheerful and memorable. Some talented students of the ICET family made us proud by their wonderful performances in the university levels. ICET is keen on promoting the talents of the students in Arts and Culture in order to ensure the total development of the individual. In Arts, ICET has established a tradition providing ample opportunity and proper encouragement for the students.



















































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