College Council

The College Council constitutes the following members:

  • Prof. Dr. M. Mohamed Sitheeq, Principal
  • Prof. M.A. Muhammed Ali, Director (MBA/MCA)
  • Mr. Shaji M. Jamal -  HOD, Civil Engineering
  • Dr. A. Jahubar Ali -   HOD, Mechanical Engineering
  • Dr. S. Karthikumar -  HOD, Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Dr. Bipin P.R. -   HOD, Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Ms. Rosna P. Haroon -  HOD, Computer Science and Engineering
  • Ms. Liyamol Aliyar -  HOD, Information Technology
  • Ms. Sujitha Salim -   HOD, Mathematics
  • Mr. Mujeeb K.A.  -  HOD, Science and Humanities
  • Mr. Shiju Shaikh Manakkulam  -  HOD, M.C.A
  • Mr. Sinosh P K -  HOD, M.B.A
  • Mr. Ranjan Abraham -  Asst.Professor, Department of Civil Engineering
  • Mr. Abdul Ali -  Asst.Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
  • Mr. Nahas M. B. - Director of Physical Education
  • Dr. Jainamma K. A.  -  Librarian


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