Academic Audit Cell


  • To ensure academic accountability.
  • To define quality of each component of the functionalities and to ensure quality of technical education throughout the system.
  • To safeguard functionalities of technical education.
  • To define effectiveness of teaching – learning process and to devise methodology to confirm maximum output from faculty members as well as students.


Academic Audit Members 2018
Branch Department Convener Department Faculty in-Charge
Civil Engineering Ms. Remya Raju  
Mechanical Engineering Dr. Jeevan Alias  
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Dr. Anoopa Jose Chittilapilly  
Electronics and Communication Engineering Ms. Angel P Mathew  
Computer Science and Engineering Dr. Anita Brigit Mathew  
Master of Business Administration     
Master of Computer Application Ms. Nisha Shamsudeen  
Science and Humanities Ms. Nini Mol  


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