Science and Humanities

Department Profile

The Faculty is committed to the advancement of knowledge through innovation and excellence with high social and ethical standards. The academic programme envisages aims and contributes to the welfare of Indian society and the world. The department includes Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English and Economics.

Physics: Most of the engineering programs are rooted in physics more over a good engineer must be a good applied physicist. The division of physics has well experienced and qualified faculty. The department is provided with a well equipped laboratory with modern instrumentation techniques. The learners can convert observation and information. Worldwide research is going on basic particles. The new learners are exposed to the modern tool Quantum mechanics, Statistical mechanics, Photonics, Laser and Ultra Sonics.

Chemistry: The beginners are exposed to instrumentation and applications of what they learn in the class room .The beginners are introduced to the most modern analytical methods like spectroscopy and chromatography. An awareness is created about the next generation materials like conducting polymers,OLED,Nanometerials etc. The most important problems of present era is pollution of air and water.The learners are introduced to bio-fuels and modern water purification methods.


To provide the learners, the best ambience for technical education and help them to attain high level of academic excellence, professional competencies and life-skills.


    • To lay firm foundation in basic science which is indispensable for engineering and technology.

    • To develop communication skills and soft skills of the learners to become a good professional.

    • To motivate learners to increase their ethical sensitivity .

    • To encourage learners to take up research and developmental activities.

    • To sensitize learners to use their knowledge and skills for the development of the society.